Greetings from Iraq, Qatar and Morrocco

The KSS posted the Newsletter 2009 to sister organizations, science associations, scientific publishers and professional bodies around the world. Special greetings and requests for collaborations were receiived from various places, such as the Qatar Foundation, the ISESCO and the Iraqi Society for Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources and Techniques (ISAREST). Here is an excerpt of the message from Mr. Oday Hamadi of the ISAREST:


The Board of the I.S.A.R.E.S.T. is glad to request your agreement to represent your society in our country in order to introduce the scientific activities organized by your society to the scientific research community in Iraq as well as encourage Iraqi researchers to participate and communicate with the research communities over world. We can represent your society in any suggested frame. Also, we are glad to receive your advice in this concern due to our limited experience because of unavailability of exchange and cooperation with specialized societies and corporations.



Supplementary Documents: