KSS on Pakistan Link Newspaper

KSS has marked its presence once again on a Internet Newspaper named Pakistan Link from USA. A report of the event "Science Exhibition 2013" held at Ali Institute of Education has been Published under the title: The Khwarizmi Science Society Fascinates Young Minds at the Ali Institute.

KSS Receives Donation

The KSS has received Rupees 1 lac from an old supporter for its outreach activities. This will help KSS a long way in arranging activities more efficiently. The well-wisher is an engineer working overseas who has requested his name to be witheld.

Dawn's Science Page carried details of Salam Evening

The prestigious DAWN -the largest and mostly visited news website of Pakistan- highlighted the activity  "Salam Evening" held on December 19th 2011 by Khwarizmi Science Society.


KSS Gets Publicity in DAWN and Express Tribune

The Khwarizmi Science Society features in newspapers. Dawn's Science Page carried details of Umair Asim's astrophotography featured on the website Lunar Photo of the Day. (19 May 2011)

KSS receives donation in-kind

Life Member of the KSS, Muhammad Omar Saleem donates a laptop to the Society for its outreach activities. Omar is a petroleum engineer by profession and works in Saudi Arabia. The machine will go a long way in supporting KSS activities.

KSS Receives Galileoscopes

The Khwarizmi Science Society receives thirty Galileoscopes, won through an international competition. These telescopes will be distributed to deserving schools and their science teachers. Get in touch with us if you are interested in availing this opportunity.

No other telescope shows so much for so little and simple!

A Little More Zoom-in: Report of the Ninth Falakyati Mela

Ali Khan

After reading the email at office, I left early to reach lums on time. At home I readjusted my honda 70 tapped clearance from 0.25 mm to 0.125 mm. The larger clearance was giving engines sounds like tick tick tick just like those which come from diesel engines. I was distracted by that clatter and wanted the better and more peaceful dub dub dub. I changed in shalwar kameez, grabbed my helmet and was on road at 4:30pm.