Coverage of the KSS Live Viewing of the Solar Eclipse 2010

The Solar eclipse live viewing session organized by the Khwarizmi Science Society was hailed a thorough success. About 500 enthusiasts visited the mobile observatory set up in the lush green fields of the Punjab University. The eclipse was partial and telescopes equipped with solar filters were lined up, while the keen observers caight mervelous glimpses of the sun and moon ligned up.

 Umair Asim was the lead astronomer while the KSS team, led by Dr. Saadat anwar Siddiqi were there to answer questions and dispel myths about the solar eclipse.

Astronomy: Pakistan's New Future?

APS News is the flagship newsletter of the American Physical Society - one of the largest professional bodies of physicists worldwide. The January 2010 issue publishes Dr. Saadat Anwar Siddiqi's story "Astronomy: Pakistan's New Future" - commemorating Khwarizmi Science Society's spectacular successses in bringing astronomy to the masses.


Donation of optical microscope

The KSS receives donation of a 100X optical microscope for use in its roving life festivals. We would like to thank Dr. Shaista Parveen and Dr. Usman Qazi, HEC Professor LUMS and the donor for arranging this gracious gift to the Society. The microscope will be used in our ongoing exhibits of the macroscopic and microscopic worlds.



Physics World Online covers KSS astronomy gatherings

Pakistani astronomers shine a light on the skies

Saadat A Siddiqi and Muhammad Sabieh Anwar describe how a series of astronomy events in Pakistan over the past year could help to boost the public's interest in the subject in this article published in Physics World Online.

Dr. Faheem Hussain passes away

Dear All,

We are all shocked and saddened to know that Prof. Dr. Faheem Hussain is no more with us. He breathed his last on 28 September 2009 after a protracted illness.

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In the ENSF Newsletter

The KSS wins its well-deserved recognition in the June 2009 issue of the Newsletter of the Emerging Nations Science Foundation. The ENSF is aimed at promoting scientific and technological research among the emerging nations of Africa, the Middle East, the Indian Subcontinent, and Southeast Asia.

Greetings from Iraq, Qatar and Morrocco

The KSS posted the Newsletter 2009 to sister organizations, science associations, scientific publishers and professional bodies around the world. Special greetings and requests for collaborations were receiived from various places, such as the Qatar Foundation, the ISESCO and the Iraqi Society for Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources and Techniques (ISAREST). Here is an excerpt of the message from Mr. Oday Hamadi of the ISAREST:


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Purchase of Astrocamera

The KSS purchases a colored astrocamera for viewing of deep space objects in its Falakyati melas. The camera is a real beauty and will beam live images of the celestial bounties, gakxies, nebulae, all in glowing colors.

The purchase was enabled by a grant from tthe Emerging Nations Science Foundation and costed around Rs. 115,000.

Life Member Dr. Cheema reaches the University of Columbia Senate

Columbia University Senate announced its official election results yesterday. Dr. Faisal H. Cheema was elected as a University Senator of this Ivy League Institution. Dr. Cheema will represent his constituency comprising of several thousand research officers in this university-wide legislature.