Building Media Relationship for Science Popularization

A Workshop on Science Communication
Sponsors & Collaborators: 

Technology Times

University of Punjab

Pakistan Science Foundation

Institute of Research Promotion

Invention to Innovation Summit

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7 March, 2018
2 pm
Cluster Centre, New Campus, University of Punjab

Science and Technology play a major role in most aspects of our daily lives both at home and at work. It affects many, if not most, policy issues of national and international importance. Science, Technology and Innovations are intricately linked to societal needs and the nation's economy in every area, especially in transportation, communication, agriculture, education, environment, health, defence and jobs. Everybody, therefore, needs some understanding of science, its accomplishments and its limitations. Understanding includes not just the facts of science but also the scientific methods and their limitations as well as an appreciations of the practical and social implications. 

People are unable to know about the advancements in science and technology due to their lack of interest in science and its slow propagation and penetration amongst larger number of population in Pakistan. The need has never been greater for more effective sceince communication specifically designed to help the public and policy makers comprehend important issues involving science and technolgy. A lot of scientific information is found online inf the form of blogs, posts and videos and one cannot tell whether the information provided is authentic or not. This has created a huge gap between the general public and expert science communicators. We need to train the next generation of scientists and journalists to become better science communicators to create a culture where they are supported and rewarded for effectively communicating with the public.

The objective of this workshop is to equip the participants with core knowledge required to plan, implement and evaluate science communication activities in order to make complex science accessible to the general public. The workshop is to take place on 7th March, 2018 at the University of Punjab from 02 pm to 04 pm.


Resource People: 
Guest of Honor
Dr. Saadat Anwar Siddiqi
President - Khwarizmi Science Society
Guest Speaker
Dr. Sabieh Anwar
General Secretary - Khwarizmi Science Society
Guest Speaker
Syed Paras Ali
Editor - Weekly Technology Times
Guest Speaker
Ms. Shahla Adnan
Lecturer - Communication and Media Studies, Fatima Jinnah Women University
Guest Speaker
Mr. Shahzada Irfan
Journalist - The News International