Lahore Science Mela

Lahore Science Mela : Celebrating the Wonders of Science

The Lahore Science Mela (LSM) is a Cambridge Science Festival inspired science fair with a local twist. It is part of the National Science Movement initiated by Khwarizmi Science Society. The Mela (festival) is a beautiful amalgamation of arts and science. In short it is a gathering of scientists, artists, science connoisseurs, technology enthusiasts, photographers, inventors, entrepreneurs and the larger general public. LSM aims to make science accessible and fun for everyone, from all age groups and socio-economic backgrounds. Moreover, the Mela itself is a living, breathing entity that not only makes science accessible but also provides a platform for the hidden talents of the country to shine. LSM encourages and engages students of all ages to share their curiosity, inventions and knowledge with not just their peers but also experts in the field.

Highlights of LSM 2019

Highlights of LSM 2018

Highlights of LSM 2017