Muslim Women In Science & Technology: Stories From Around the World

Muslim Women In Science &Technology: Stories From Around The World

The webinar series called “Muslim Women in Science and Technology: Stories from Around the World”  is a tribute to the brilliant, outstandingly talented Muslim women in STEM. In these webcast sessions we highlight their incredible scientific work, their inspiring life story and struggles. Not only this but also get a chance to explore and build an interest in the myriad of fields science has to offer for  you to pursue a career in.

Episode 1

The Era of Regenerative Medicine with Dr. Hina Chaudhry 

Dr. Hina is a cardiologist, scientist and an entrepreneur. She is currently an associate professor at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York. In our conversation with her, we explored the realm of regenerative medicine and learnt about her incredible research work in regenerating damaged heart cells using fetal stem cells.
Besides this, in our heart to heart session with her, we got to know Dr.Hina a bit better. She shared with us the story behind her determination to be become a cardiologist and then how she feel in love with regenerative medicine.
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Episode 2

Astronomy & Beyond with Dr. Sultana N Nahar

Dr. Sultana is an atomic astrophysicist, APS fellow and a research professor at the Department of Astronomy at the Ohio State University, USA.
In our session with Dr. Sultana, we ventured into space and learnt about who astrophysicists are, what they do and why is their work of great importance for us? Besides, getting to learn about the Dr. Sultana’s fascinating work in the field we also received some golden advice to follow when pursuing a career in STEM (especially for girls).
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Episode 3

Computational Linguistics: Machines and Languages with Dr. Mona T. Diab

Dr. Mona is a computational linguist and a professor at the Department of Computer Science at George Washington University, USA.
In our session with her, we explored how machines are taught/programmed to understand human languages. Dr. Diab explained the different applications and means being used to teach machines to understand human language along with the emotions attached with them. She also talked about her work in field, how she and her team are currently working on low resource languages. Dr. Diab also gave us a glimpse of her life, her struggles and inspiration in getting to where she is today.
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Episode 4

Chemistry for A Healthy Planet with Dr. Hind Al-Abadleh

Dr. Hind is an academic scientist of chemistry and an award winning professor at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada. She is also currently the Chair of Environmental Division at Chemical Institute of Canada.
In our very insightful session with her, we explored how chemistry in means of understanding the changes in our environment. She talked about her research being interface between different phases of matter present in natural systems. The two areas where she and her team are currently working on are ‘Atmospheric Chemistry’ and ‘Geochemistry of arsenic, phosphorus and soil organics’. The discussion took an interesting turn as she further shared with us her inspirations, support systems and struggles to becoming the lady she is today.
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