As a kid, he grew up loving dinosaurs, building insectariums, making scientific models, reading books on all subjects, studying microscopic organisms under a microscope and other similar activities which not many of his peers seemed to understand or appreciate. He realized fairly early on, that he lived in a society where science did not stoke people’s imaginations and where science innovations did not originate but were copied. This motivated him to grow passionately supportive of any activity that spread the joys and benefits of science to an ever-wider audience. Hence, he is proud to be associated with the Khwarizmi Science Society, the most active and vibrant science society in Pakistan.

He has done his B.Sc. (Hons.) in Biochemistry from University of the Punjab. After winning the Fulbright scholarship he is due to leave for America in the Fall of 2009 to pursue graduate study in Evolutionary Biology. Upon his return, he plans to plant the seed for the first research group on evolutionary biology in Pakistan.