How Science is Transforming Wound Healing

Registration: Open to all.
Date: February 26, 2023
Time: 6:00 PM


Khwarizmi Science Society invites you to an online webinar, featuring Mahrukh Riaz:

سائنس ہمارے زخموں پہ مرہم کیسے رکھتی ہے؟

What to expect:

The webinar will unlock the secrets of Skin Regeneration and revolves around the question:

سٹیم خلیوں کی مدد سے مصنوعی جلد کی تشکیل کے بارے میں نئی تحقیق کیا ہے؟

The speaker will talk about the drawbacks of traditional treatments for Skin Damage, how stem cells have revolutionized the skin repair process and how do stem cells differ from other types of cells in their ability to transform into different cell types.

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About the Speaker:

Mahrukh Riaz is distinguished doctoral researcher at the University of Zurich and Children’s Hospital Zurich, Switzerland. Mahrukh is also a Marie Curie Ph.D. fellow on the SkinTERM project, which is generously funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2022 research and innovation program. Her research expertise lies in the area of skin regeneration, and she is currently working on a groundbreaking project developing artificial skin to treat skin injuries. Mahrukh’s impressive background includes a Master’s degree in Molecular Biology from CEMB: Centre of Excellence in Molecular Biology at the University of the Punjab in Pakistan. In addition to her work in Switzerland, she is also a visiting doctoral researcher at several esteemed institutions, including Durham University in the UK, Radboud University Medical Center in The Netherlands, and Paul Hartmann Group A.G. in Germany.

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