STEM Articles

Life’s Equilibrium: Planet Earth

By Shuneed Zulfiqar

07 May 2024

In the big picture of life on Earth, sustainability is like the golden thread holding every living organism together. When we explore biology, we learn how all living things are connected for survival, wherein sustainability acts as both a guiding force and a necessity for survival. Let us take a journey through the fascinating world of biology… Read More

The Electric Orchestra Within Us

By Faizan e Bahoo Chaudhry

06 May 2024

For a moment, imagine that your body is an orchestra, each organ a musician playing an intricate symphony governed by the masterful conductor: the brain. The music flows not in notes but in electric pulses, each with its unique rhythm, tempo, and intensity. This is not science fiction; it is the cool world where biology meets technology. Read More

Biodiversity: Nature’s Diversity and Dilemmas

By Shuneed Zulfiqar

27 March 2024

Biodiversity is like a big, colorful family of living things on Earth. It is same as a huge garden where each plant, animal, and bug has its own place and job. For example, in the rainforest, there are tall trees, pretty flowers, and lots of animals like jaguars and colorful frogs. Even underwater, in places like the Great Barrier Reef, there are corals, fish, and big whales swimming around. Read More