Powered by Khwarizmi Science Society’s ambition to popularize science at the grass roots level by directly involving school children, and their teachers and parents, this campain was launched in 20016. Under the “Science Melas  scheme, the KSS will visit schools and colleges all around Pakistan with exciting science exhibits. These activities will be aimed at arousing a sense of wonder and excitement for science. We do not aim to map these activities to textbooks or curriculums or exams. They are meant for sheer wonder and awe!

For this purpose, we  have developed a range of diverse activities throughout the year 2016 and beyond. Some samples themes are given below.

(a) ‘Seismic vibrations’،
(b) ‘Know the sun’،
(c) ‘Connecting microcosm with the macrocosm’،
(d) ‘150 years of Maxwell’s Equations’،
(e) ‘Let there be light’,
(f) ‘Fascinating chemical reactions’ and
(g) ‘The Art of Sound’.

The Basic Idea
We believe that through focused activities, conduced in schools across the country, there is a huge potential for impact. The idea is to collaborate with schools through an invitation of expression of interest solicited on a prescribed form. A team of KSS members, who will be specifically trained for these activities, will then visit shortlisted schools with purpose designed gadgets, kits and experiments and along with animated presentations and live practical demos, and hence, enthusing within students a love for science.

These activities help bring students outside the confines of textbooks, and rigid curriculums, and develops a habit of observation and critical thinking and synthesize ideas from across disciplines. These multi-disciplinary demonstrations, all inspiringly delivered, are necessary to bring down the artificial compartmentalization of science into physics, chemistry, biology and math. These benefits also directly reach out to teachers and subtly, to parents as well. The goals are well in line with KSS’s overall mission.

Download invitation letter for schools here.

Download interest form for science exhibition here.


Science melas in connection with national science campaign