Alif Ailaan declares KSS as an “Education Hero”

ALIF AILAAN” is a country-wide campaign to explore the universal importance of the Education in Pakistan. Their slogan “MAKE A DIFFERENCE” aims to lead the national conversation on addressing and solving the country’s problems in education.

Recently Alif Ailaan started a new session named  “It’s in our hands” focusing on stories of the people and communities that are trying to establish a better Pakistan in the field of education.

In the March 7, 2014 story titled “Creating a Culture of Scientific Discoveries” Alif Ailaan declares KSS as an “Education Hero”. For further details please see the link below:

Khwarizmi Science Society- Creating a Culture of Scientific Discoveries

This marks the start of an exciting and lasting collaboration between the Khwarizmi Science Society and the Alif Ailaan.

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Alif Ailaan's Website