Collaboration of KSS with LCWU and British Council

A series of events are going to take place at LCWU in collaboration with KSS and British Council as well for STEM training purposes.

In this project, the Offices of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORICs) will develop a blended workshop that will provide preparation for current and future STEM faculty members in effective teaching strategies and the evidence that supports these strategies.

The broad purposes of the grant is to improve the quality/delivery of STEM subjects to basically

  • improve the quality of a STEM graduate
  • popularise STEM subjects especially among women etc.

This instructional change will focus on
• Reducing an emphasis on rote learning which is unfortunately still rather prevalent in
undergraduate STEM studies in Pakistani universities.
• An emphasis on problem-solving/project-based learning where applicable and or
possible. For example, a need in the society is identified, students in collaboration with
the teacher/supervisor perform research and/or work with the community and design
a solution.
• Easing/facilitating the student’s transition from high school to undergraduate STEM
• Graduating/creating young scientists who are innovators, entrepreneurs and global
change-makers with the capacity to understand complex issues, ethically catalyze
change and creatively invent solutions
• Increased collaboration and interdependence within the STEM fields.