D: Oxford Children’s Encyclopedia Episodes

D: Oxford Children's Encyclopedia Episodes

Expand your general knowledge and understand the ordinary things around with a fantastic twist! Oxford Children’s Encyclopedia (OCE) Series is the brain-child of one of KSS’s Executive Member, Dr. Muhammad Mustafa. This series makes use of Oxford’s Encyclopedia to provide you with quick, factual information about interesting topics. It is a great series for kids and adults alike. OCE sparks interest for simple, everyday topics and helps explore the whats, whys and hows to them. See all alphabets’ episodes here.

C2 Episode 6: Dam

Today, we are learning about DAMS! We have all heard about the Mangla dam but do you know what is the water stored for? And how can some stored water be used to generate electricity? Let’s find out how Dr Mustafa unfolds these mysteries for us.

C2 Episode 7: Death

In this episode, we are learning about a dark topic – Death! But don’t worry we will try to not scare you a lot but tell you about the science and wisdom behind a natural end every life has to meet one day.

C2 Episode 8: Democracy

Learn how humans have made a system called Democracy to ensure fair ruling and governance. It might sound like a difficult word but watch this video to understand it in the most simple way!