Range and Scope of KSS Activities

Range and Scope of KSS Activities

Seminars and Public Lectures

Seminars and Public Lectures

The most attractive and regular feature of the Khwarizmi Science Society (KSS) is its well established tradition of seminars and public lectures. These seminars are presented by individuals who have demonstrated expertise in their field of interest as well as students. Sometimes we are contacted by the prospective speakers ourselves and sometimes we invite them to the KSS. Generally we publicize these events well in advance. These events are open to all Members / nonmembers and normally we do not charge our audience. However, reservations may be encouraged where seats are limited. Generally we provide whiteboard, overhead, slide and multimedia projectors for speaker assistance. Hand outs prepared by the speaker are generally requested. The speaker must also present a summary of his talk in advance so that suitable means for the execution of the event can be sought for. If the speaker wishes to make some demonstration, apparatus like general use computers, oscilloscopes etc. may also be provided by the KSS. These events can also span over a number of days. The KSS will provide all necessary printed information and notes (if applicable). Many seminars are also advertised in local newspapers. Reports of these events are regularly published in national and international magazines, periodicals and websites.


Symposiums and Conferences

Our symposiums and conferences occur at lower frequencies. They cover specialized areas and  are organized on larger scales. They generally revolve around specialized themes and are led by the leading experts in the field. Special adhoc committees oragnize these events that are always announced through the media. Some of our conferences have instigated important national debates, featuring in the electronic press. The symposiums and conferences are generally free and open to all.



Field Visits

The KSS arranges visits and trips to research organizations, educational institutions and industrial sites. Such outreach activities are only for Members. The commutation and all other logistic arrangements are provided by the Society. In the past, trips have taken place to SUPARCO, Flood Forecasting Bureau, Pakistan Radiation Services, Koh-e-Noor Energy Complex, Pakistan Television Corporation etc.



An important feature of the Khwarizmi Science Society is its series of national workshops. To date we have arranged extremely successful and well-attended workshops on computer interfacing, image processing, mathematical programming in Mathematica and Matlab, electronic circuits simulations, crystal structure determination, electron microscopy, automobile troubleshooting etc. These workshops provide computing facilities to the registered participants who are generally charged. Participants come from the industry, national research organizations, universities and colleges. Luncheon is normally served to registered participants and certificates of attendance are distributed.


Video Presentations

Video presentations (wide angle multimedia projection) are now an attractive part of the KSS package. Movies showed are generally of public interest. Videos shown so far are on astronomy, chaos and the Bermuda Triangle. These videos are generally accompanied with small lecture sessions as well.


Book reviews

Book reviews are also an ingredient of our activities. These book reviews generally stimulate a lot of discussion and cross-argumentation. Some books covered so far are “Seven Ideas that Shook the Universe“, “Discovery Issue of Time Magazine“, “Trust“, “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” and “A Brief History of Spacetime“. Some interesting book reviews were conducted by a team of half a dozen people, some review sessions are spread over several days.


Falakayati melas (astronomy festivals)

The falakayati melas (astrofests) have been introduced in 2009 – the International Year of Astronomy. These melas take place all around the country, and involve visual lectures for schoolchildren followed by astronomical observations using sophisticated telescopes. A pictorial roundup of some of our activities can be accessed here. These melas have gained immense interest in school going children and have become a part of the Society’s forte in science popularization. The beauty of these astrofests lies in their unique characteristic of making scientific discovery accessible to the laity. The feedback we have received is overwhelming.

Research projects

We help our Members in their research projects by providing them research opportunities, references, literature and very occassionally, monetary sponsorships. One of our major projects launched was the Khwarzimic Rumi Cluster Computing Project. Some research papers also flowed out of this work, which were presented in national conferences. We have also put on display our Member Kenneth McKenzie’s Radia Engine and his other inventions on our website.


Publications and Press

The KSS encourages its members to work on research projects and prepare dissertations. The KSS then arranges for the publication of this material on its website and pertinent material in national newspapers and journals. Over the years, we have developing a healthy relationship with the print and electronic media. The media now generously covers our articles, scientific reports and presents independent critiques. Sometimes topics are assigned to Members and they work as groups on these issues. Member contributions also find place in our publication Takveen. Our regular publications include:

  1. Takveen: This is our yearly in-print newsletter that succeeded our online newsletter in the year 2009.
  2. Reports of our events: These reports are published in scientific magazines, periodicals, newspapers and on our website. These reports are written by individual members of the society and represent KSS’s commitment to the cause of improving scientific communication skills.
  3. Articles, speeches and interviews about the Khwarizmi Science Society

Public Policy and showcasing National Science

Our Association also steers public opinion through letters to the editor, letters to influential individuals within and outside Pakistan. We attempt at networking with scientists of national stature and their organizations and enjoy healthy correspondence with them. This aims at bringing our science community closer together and to work as a closely-knit organic whole. Every month, we receive numerous requests and immense feedback from Pakistanis worldwide and we often help them in solving their Pakistan specific questions and helping them locate sources of information. The KSS also announces national conferences according to its online capacity.

The KSS embraces, through its activities, all exact and social sciences: physical, biological sciences, mathematics, humanities, history and philosophy, as the main thrust of the Society lies in making people think and act scientifically.