SciFun: Experimenting and Learning in a Fun way with Kids!

SciFun: Experimenting and Learning in a Fun way with Kids

Tantalizing experiments and activities coupled with a lot of curiosity and excitement can make any child fall in love with science. Watch and be inspired by how Dr Muhammad Mustafa, Executive Member of Khwarizmi Science Society, engages and fascinates children with the wonders of science!

آئیں دھوئیں کے بادل بنائیں

Fume clouds and gas density behaviour

Mixing salt and sugar to soft drinks, what is the science behind this reaction?

مائعات کی کثافت

See the Densities of Liquids

SciFun in a Sindh Government School

مشاہدے کی اہمیت

Refraction, Reflection and Diffraction

بنیادی اور ثانوی رنگوں کی پہچان

Color Mixing Fun to learn Basic and Secondary Colors

A fun way to understand States of Matter

ابلتے پانی میں بلبلے کیوں؟

Bubbling of Boiling Water

عمل نفوز

Diffusion as seen by dispersion of ink in water

Kaprekar’s Constant Game: A Fun Math Activity for Kids

بین الاقوامی خلائی سٹیشن کو زمین سے دیکھنا سیکھیں

How to spot ISS from your rooftop?

گیس ویلڈنگ کا شعلہ کیسے بنایا جاتا ہے

Gas welding Flame: How it is done?

بچوں میں جاننے کا جذبہ جگائیں

Seed Curiosity in Kids