KSS at Children Library Complex Festival

Registration: Open to all.
Date: September 12, 2023 September 13, 2023
Time: 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Venue: Children’s Library Complex


The Children Library Complex’s recently played host to the Khwarizmi Science Society (KSS) on it’s annual festival, and it was a delight to see the young minds of our future engaged in a world of scientific wonders as we brought four of our major demonstrations forward.

Liquid Nitrogen Show


One of the most crowd-favorite was the balloon experiment with liquid nitrogen. Children were asked whether it was possible to fit three balloons into a small box. With resounding “NO’s”, they watched as the balloons were submerged in liquid nitrogen, causing them to shrink. The magical part came when the balloons were retrieved – they expanded back to their original shape! This experiment not only showcased the fascinating properties of liquid nitrogen but also taught kids about its low temperature and the effects of extreme cold on objects.


Microscopy Show


Another engaging spectacle was the microscopy show. Children and adults alike were drawn to the microscopic world of ants, blood, hair, and mosquitoes. However, the ultimate crowd-pleaser was when the youngest participants had the chance to see their tiny hands magnified on the microscope’s screen. It was a moment of pure wonder and discovery.



Solar Observation


For those with a penchant for the cosmos, KSS offered a solar observation experience. The sun may have been shy on the first day, granting only limited viewing time, but the flood of questions from curious spectators was relentless. On the second day, the sun revealed itself in all its glory, and KSS’s lead demonstrator, Roshaan Nadeem, provided an enthralling display of solar phenomena, including the intriguing black spots on the sun’s surface.

Fun with Lasers


Lasers! There’s no denying that this experiment drew the biggest crowd. With high-powered lasers, colourful balloons, and the echoing sounds of them popping, it was a favourite spot for children.

Here, audience learned how light carries energy, demonstrated by its ability to burst balloons. They also observed how the bursting process differed between light-coloured and dark-coloured balloons. The experiment was met with expressions of wonder, laughter, and excitement all around.







Solubility Experiment


The second day brought even more excitement as KSS added a touch of fun to learning by conducting an experiment with Pepsi bottles. This experiment illustrated solubility rules by adding sugar and salt to two bottles, creating a visual representation of how different substances interact with liquids. It was a hands-on lesson that made science accessible and enjoyable for the young festival-goers.


Through captivating experiments, microscopy adventures, solar observations, and interactive demonstrations, we hope to ignite the flames of curiosity and inspire the audience, who may be the next generation of scientists and innovators. As they say, the journey of scientific discovery begins with a single step, and thanks to the dedication and hard work of our:

  • Management team – Abu Bakar, Mohsina Asif, Omer Qureshi, Ayyaz Mehmood, and Usman Baig, who not only looked after the logistics but also demonstrated at times.
  • Our enthusiastic demonstrators – Mohsina Asif, Muhammad Yausoob, Roshaan Nadeem, Tayyab Iftikhar.
  • Our committed volunteers – Sidra, Shayyan Haider, Aleeza Ayaz, Ismail Shahzad, and Ayesha Jamal.

Because of them, many young minds took those first exciting steps at the festival.

Here are galleries for both days, showcasing the wonderful smiles brought to people’s faces by our volunteers and teams



Announcement Poster: Khwarizmi Science Society at CLC Festival