Ninth Falakyati Mela in LUMS (Lahore)
Dedicated Page: Khwarizmi Science Society and the International Year of Astronomy and Beyond
Sponsors and Collaborators:

Spades Society, LUMS

Registration: Open to all.
Date: September 17, 2010
Time: 05:30 pm to 09:00 pm
Venue: LUMS, Library Grounds, Opposite Sector U, DHA, Lahore

We will have a great lunar landscape in the view with many important and stunning craters. Jupiter and its moons will also be visible around 20:15. Also I can show our nearest Andromeda Galaxy, Ring Nebula the famous star corpse and a very fine star cluster M13.
It will be a blessed night indeed when we can observe planets (including Venus if we can assemble our equipment well before sunset), star cluster, galaxy and a nebula. What else can we ask from a night sky!
Of course all depending on weather.

Resource Persons:
Umair Asim
Khwarizmi Science Society and Farooqi Girls High School