Optics Show at Chughtai Public Library

Registration: Registration is required.
Date: May 4, 2024
Time: 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Venue: Chughtai Public Library


On 4th of May, 2024, the basement walls of Chughtai public library were illuminated by the green beams of lasers as our team, led by Wardah Mahmood shed light, quite literally, on the power and properties of this fundamental force of nature by putting on a thrilling optics show. It’s striking to know what power light contains.


The activity started off with 2 team members, Bisma Ishaq and Hafsa Ijaz demonstrating what light is and how does it refect. With lights dimmed, laser beams went through the air, revealing hidden particles of powder suspended in their path. As the audience watched in wonder, the beams of light reflected off a beaker, creating mesmerizing patterns on the ceiling.



A great start to the show, leaving everyone thirsting for more luminous adventures!


With the lights back on, our team was ready to infuse a touch of magic into the proceedings. Our magicians, donned with lab coats, unveiled the pièce de résistance: the Vanishing Act with the beakers! They demonstrated the wonders of light bending by completely vanishing a beaker into oil!








Now the light were again off, and we moved on into seeing the ‘Light’s Shadow”. That’s right! With safety measures firmly in place, we activated a Class 3B laser, ready to unveil the intriguing phenomenon known as the “Poison spot.” Zonash Khurram made sure every child could see the spectacle.





With the high power laser still on, our team setup and demonstrated spirography. “Circle!”, “Now, square!”, echoed throughout the room as the laser traced shape patterns.





In the ultimate test of the laser’s power, we turned our attention to a classic demonstration: popping balloons! With balloons of varying colors , some dark, some light, lined up before us. As the laser beams found their targets, balloons burst with a satisfying “pop,” filling the room with excitement. Muddassir Naeem asked children to share their theories about why some balloons popped while others remained intact.








At the end, a 5 year old scientist cracked the equation in the most adorable voice leaving us in awe of his remarkable knowledge.


We then ventured into the realm of holograms and rainbow prisms, arveling at their pristine beauty. Children gasped in wonder as butterflies seemingly emerged from the screens before their eyes. Delight was on their faces as rainbows adorned their white shirts and papers, a tangible manifestation of the wonders of light!




For us, science may often appear as complex equations and lengthy phenomena to be memorized. Yet, in witnessing these demonstrations, science reveals itself as nothing short of pure magic! We’ll be back with moe exciting shows!