Your Smartphone is a Science Lab
That thing in your pocket is pretty powerful!

Registration: Registration is required.
Date: March 26, 2022
Time: 2:00 PM PKT to 4:00 PM PKT
Venue: Online


Your smartphone is an extraordinary feat of engineering. It’s half a dozen or more high-precision sensors squeezed into a single slab that can fit into your palm. All these sensors and little marvels of technology don’t just make your phones very adaptable and useful devices but can truly transform how you interact with, learn, and teach science concepts. Learn how to perform, record, and analyze dozens of high-quality science experiments on sound, lights, colors, movement, magnetic fields, and more using built-in high-precision sensors in your smartphones! 

This workshop taught the participants how you don’t need fancy equipment and high-end laboratories for awe-inspiring experiments, but that little gadget in your hands (your portable lab) can do it all—in a way that’s fun, intuitive, and massively accessible.

List of Students who Successfully Completed ‘Your Smartphone is a Science Lab’

Kubra Gul
Sikandar Baig
Junaid Akhtar
Nadia Akram
Ashtalfa Amjad
Muhammad Shahzad
Humaira iftikhar
Ahmed Aqeel
Muhammad Zain Khalid
Bismia Fatima
Abdul Hafeez
Dr. Farah Anjum
Taha Ahmad
Nida Khan
Muhammad Anas
Muhammad jabbar
Muhammad Asif Kamran
Rabeea Rasheed
Abdullah Raza Khan
Victoria Pozzi
Muhammad Imran Abbasi
Muhammad Suhail Yusuf
Duaa Jamshaid
Samia Amir
Hasaan Ahmed
Syed Izhaan
Abdul Basit
Sheza Baig
César Marques
Saima Khalique
Safdar Anjam
Arsalan Tanveer
Muhammad Saim Qamar
Muhammad Waleed Farrukh
Huma Sabir
Muhammad Zohaib Ansari
Kiran Naz

Resource Persons:
Instructor, Moderator
Hasan Khan

Mohsina Asif

Duaa Jamshed