Solving Real Life Problems using Software

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Date: February 15, 1999
Time: 11:00 am
Venue: New Lecture Theater, University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore


Applications of Interfacing Nowadays, every complex manipulation of data is accomplished on a computer. A computer can handle extraordinary amounts of data. In the industry and in lab work, there is always a large amount of data to be handled and processes. The conventional way is to note the data from devices, such as the control and instrumentation panel, enter it manually in the computer and then process it. Computer interfacing has solved the problem of data acquisition. Now, the computer not only automatically acquires the data from the external hardware but is also programmed in a special way to send data to control the same devices. These devices are controlled to fulfill the machinery and production line needs.

Below are a few examples where computer interfacing can be used: 1. Monitor the speed of a motor and adjust it according to the requirements. 2. To monitor environmental parameters such as temperature and pressure and to keep these parameters constant or within tolerable limits. For example, cooling fans may be turned on when the temperature exceeds a certain value. 3. To turn on a machinery for a certain period of time. 4. In instrumentation, computers can replace oscilloscopes, multimeters and any measurement instrument imaginable.

Once we make an appropriate circuit and interface it with he computer, then each action is just a mouse click away.

Resource Persons:
Mueen Sajad
Syed-Bhais Limited