Calculus Connects is now Public on our YouTube Channel!

Recently, the Khwarizmi Science Society organised an online course, Calculus Connects, instructed by Hasan Khan and taken by almost 40 participants. The course aimed to develop an intuitive approach to calculus, and thus, ignite within the participants (students and teachers alike) a passion for learning and exploring this mathematics of change to its true potential!

We are happy to announce that all 5 sessions of Calculus Connects have now been made public on our YouTube Channel.

Our participants seemed to have enjoyed the series a lot, and we sincerely hope that the masses at large are able to fully benefit from this imaginative course as well. We are hopeful that this course will help you learn and teach the otherwise monotonous concepts of calculus in a completely new way (with comprehensible analogies and online interactive tools).

Internal References:
[Activity Page] Calculus Connects: An Online Course by KSS

External References:
[YouTube Playlist] Calculus Connects