Call For Venue — Lahore Science Mela 2023

Khwarizmi Science Society (KSS) is going to organize its fifth Lahore Science Mela (LSM) on October 28 and 29, 2023, for which the support of a host educational institution is required and is offering an opportunity for institutions in Lahore to host its exclusive event. KSS expects certain facilities to be provided by the host institution:

  1. The mela takes place in an open and wide field or ground. Such a field should be available in the institution.
  1. The field should be easily accessible for trucks and large vehicles.
  1. Provision of auditorium and classrooms. Audio and visual facilities should be available in the auditorium.
  1. Manpower supply and support should be provided before and during the days of the event.
  1. Facilities (such as administrative rooms, toilets, canteens for food and drinks) should be provided for guests and delegates during the event.
  1. Access to parking.
  1. Provision of a temporary office for the management team of the Khwarizmi Science Society about a month before the event.

Your institution will be considered a partner on equal footing with Khwarizmi Science Society as the host of this fair. The event garners the attention of global delegations, a substantial number of visitors, and enthusiasts, in addition to prominent personalities. Hosting this fair presents a unique opportunity for your institution to elevate the self-esteem of individuals, nurture a positive self-image, and facilitate the development of social cognition, one that shouldn’t be missed. Please submit  our e-form on LSM’s website.

Supplementary Documents:
Form-Become host of LSM 23