Celebrating Astronomy

We are approaching schools in Punjab for organizing Falakiyati melas on their campuses. This will come at no cost for the schools. The students, teachers, and parents at the local schools will be shown celestial bodies with the help of powerful telescopes, harbored by the Khwarizmi Science Society team.

If you would like our team to come to our school download the material given below, fill in the forms, and send back to the Society address.

Letter for inviting schools for organizing falakeyati melas on their premises Download letter here
Expression of interest form, to be duly filled by the school Principal or Headmaster and returned to the KSS address Download form here

Suleman Sami Qazi captures KSS’s falakayati melas in his article Celebrating Astronomy published  in the NEWS on Sunday, Lahore edition on 4 May 2009. Read the full article here. Events such as the falakayati melas will undoubtedly encourage many would-be astronomers, physicists and biologists to shed their inhibitions and take that first bold step forward into a career of science.” writes Suleman.

Supplementary Documents:
Interest Form for organization of Falakyati Mela
Invitation Letter Falakiyat Mela

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