Dr. Muhammad Mustafa speaks at Iloilo Science and Technology University

Dr. Muhammad Mustafa, one of the executive members of Khwarizmi Science Society spoke at the ” The Love for Science and Research: Humanization of the Online Experience “ online conference held on 25-27 August 2020. The conference was organized by Commission of Higher Education and the ISAUT, Philippines. The conference focused on bringing together experts to discuss innovative ways of providing the best possible education in the new educational environment paved by the pandemic.

Dr. Muhammad Mustafa’s talk captured the essence behind the concept of education and learning. He also explored the biological aspects of human learning as well as discussed how to create content for every strata. He provided insightful analogies from his own teaching experiences and mentioned the tools used to create an engaging yet knowledgeable session for students.

We congratulate Dr. Muhammad Mustafa for this efforts and for representing KSS on an international platform.