Dr. Muhammad Sabieh Anwar airs on the TV Show ‘Geo Tou Aisay’

Dr. Muhammad Sabieh Anwar, one of the founders of Khwarizmi Science Society aired on the TV show “Geo Tou Aisay” on 16th May 2020. The show celebrates the modern day Pakistani heroes and seeks to share their stories of innovation and success. We at Khwarizmi Science Society (KSS) congratulate Dr. Sabieh for being not only a modern day hero but also a local scientist role model for our coming generation.

In his talk, Dr. Sabieh greatly emphasized on the need to free break from the science confined within the pages of our textbooks and bring it to life. He talked about the efforts of KSS in setting free the science from these invisible confinements as means of our Lahore Science Mela series. With the help of a little scientist, he then demonstrated an unconventional means of explaining science that is not only fun but will imprint the concept learnt into the minds of our children.

Once again congratulation to Dr. Muhammad Sabieh Anwar. We are extremely proud of you!