Khwarizmi Science Society joins hands with Shadow the Scientists
We are proud to announce that the Khwarizmi Science Society is collaborating with Shadow the Scientists to bring the experience of live telescopic observations from one of the most giant ground-based telescopes from the comfort of your home! KSS is also planning something big with StS for the upcoming Lahore Science Mela 2022.

Shadow the Scientists (StS) was created to connect the public to scientists engaging in authentic scientific experiments, such as astronomy observing experiences with professional astronomers on world-class telescopes.

Due to the COVID pandemic, starting in summer 2020, astronomers have been using observing in “pajama mode”: observing on telescopes remotely – even from home – via Zoom screen sharing and VNC (virtual network computing). Raja GuhaThakurta (Professor and Chair, Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of California Santa Cruz) and his research team used this opportunity to invite several groups of students and educators to eavesdrop via Zoom on their observing nights on the Keck Observatory twin 10-m telescopes, Subaru 8-m telescope, and Lick Observatory/Shane 3-m telescope. They have also started to engage potential StS providers whose research is in fields other than astronomy: oceanography, robotics, biology, etc. This initiative has been dubbed Shadow the Scientists (StS).

More about StS can be found here.

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