Intern at Khwarizmi Science Society

Do you dream of a Pakistan where science isn’t just in textbooks, but woven into the very fabric of life?

Khwarizmi Science Society brings to you its “Internship Program” which offers an unparalleled opportunity for those who are passionate about igniting a vibrant and inclusive scientific culture in Pakistan.

This selective program welcomes budding scholars and inquisitive minds to immerse themselves in the Society’s multifaceted endeavors, ranging from organizing the illustrious Science Melas, to spearheading different initiatives and contributing to impactful educational projects. Under the guidance of esteemed mentors, interns will gain hands-on experience in diverse fields, honing their research skills, communication abilities, and project management acumen.


Internee Positions

⭐Talent Coordinator

    • Support Office Operations
    • Planning and Execution of events
    • Facilitates the growth of team
    • Mobilize volunteers and community for joint work

⭐Partnerships Development & Public Relations

    • Expand Public Engagement
    • Forge valuable Science Partnerships
    • Research and Innovate
    • Strategize content for digital (social) media outreach

⭐Finance and Budgeting

    • Assist with budgeting, fundraising, and preparation of financial reports

⭐Tech Innovator

    • Ensure the reliable functioning of the society’s technology infrastructure, including website maintenance.

⭐Creative Science Outreach Strategist

    • Create compelling content in collaboration with designers and video editors
    • Write blogs, invite letters, and snippets in Urdu and English
      • Sub-positions:
        • Designers
        • Video Editors
        • Studio Lead
        • Creative Associate

Science Venture Leads

    • Revamp science shows: Breathe new life into existing science shows related to microscopy, chemistry, lasers, and other topics
    • Develop workshops, trainings, and outreach program

📍Office Location:

Hairat Manzil, Muslim Town, Near Canal Metro Bus Station, Lahore

Note: Working hours and mode may vary according to the positions and can be further discussed in the interview stage

⌛Last Date to Apply: 2nd January, 2024

In case of queries email us: