KSS Translates the Website of Punjab Charity Commision into Urdu

The Punjab Charity Commission (PCC) recently revamped its official website. The website is intended to dispense authentic information regarding registered and non-registered charities to public and provide updated and clear guidelines to charitable organizations for systematically registering and regulating their charities.

PCC invited Khwarizmi Science Society (KSS) to translate the content (currently in English) on its official website into Urdu. This invitation was extended due to the Society’s extensive work of furthering education and scientific awareness in the country while promoting the usage of Urdu in its journalism and communication activities, making it a competent assignee for this task. The Urdu version of the website will help ensure nation-wide inclusivity and wider accessibility and comprehension.

The work was spearheaded by Mr. Raja Mehtab Ali (a Lifelong Member of KSS).

The translated website is now available at: https://charitycommission.punjab.gov.pk/urdu/

Supplementary Documents:
Invitation Letter by PCC to KSS

External References:
Punjab Charity Commission Website in Urdu (Translation by KSS)