See what KSS is capable of – inspiring youngsters into building telescopes!

Inspired by the Khwarizmi Science Society’s visit to District Public School in Okara, and seeing a real telescope in action, Asad Mehmood decided to build his own. Motivated and mentored by Umair Asim and Ali Khan, KSS’s amateur astronomers, Asad has now built a 6 inch Newtonian and can see marvelous images, close-ups, of the moon from his rooftop in Okara. He has built the scope, found and ground mirrors and lenses, and achieved this wondrous feat. A story that tells us that hard work and passion sees no limit, not even the skies.

This news is also a testament of KSS’s growing connections with our budding inventors and scientists who come from outside the large cosmopolitan centers. The FSc student Asad Mehmood, in his interview, sums this up very well:

Indeed Pakistan does have enormous talent, but it is not only in the cities. In the course of all these tempting descriptions, it is a sad truth that the unfortunate children of Pakistan living in rural areas are not noticed in terms of their abilities. Nevertheless, this can be attributed to the inevitable disparity that exists between the economically rich and economically poor masses of our country.

Read the full story published in the Technology Times (link is now outdated it seems). Another story has now been published in Express Tribune. A video report is also available here.

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