OCE Episode list A

A: Oxford Children's Encyclopedia Episodes

Expand your general knowledge and understand the ordinary things around with a fantastic twist! Oxford Children’s Encyclopedia (OCE) Series is the brain-child of one of KSS’s Executive Member, Dr. Muhammad Mustafa. This series makes use of Oxford’s Encyclopedia to provide you with quick, factual information about interesting topics. It is a great series for kids and adults alike. OCE sparks interest for simple, everyday topics and helps explore the whats, whys and hows to them. See all alphabets’ episodes here.

Episode 1: Aborigines, Adolescence, Acid Rain, Air & Aircrafts

In the first episode of the Oxford Children Encyclopedia Series with Dr Mustafa, learn about the Aborigines who were the original inhabitants of Australia, the phenomenon of Acid Rain, the Adolescence phase of our lives, the composition of Air, and the science and history of Aircrafts!

Episode 2: Africa & AIDS

In this episode, learn about the marvels of Africa— the second largest continent of the world that is known for its huge deserts and rich diversity! Also, find out about AIDS— one of the most deadly pandemics.

Episode 3: Alchemists, Algae & Alkali

Gain knowledge about the interesting work and history of Alchemists, the aquatic photosynthetic organisms called Algae, and the properties of the soapy chemicals called Alkalis!

Episode 4: Alligators & Alphabets

In this episode, acquire knowledge about the dangerous reptiles called Alligators, their difference from crocodiles, and Alphabets— the building blocks of every language!

Episode 5: Aluminium, Ambulance & Amphibians

Find out about the shiny, ductile, and very lightweight metals called Aluminium, the medically equipped vehicles called Ambulance, and the small cold-blooded vertebrates called Amphibians!

Episode 6: Asthma, Astronauts & Atoms

In this episode, we find out what the respiratory disease Asthma is, the thrilling work of Astronauts, and the basic components of all of us and everything around us that are also the smallest particles that constitute an element— Atoms!

Episode 7: Archaeologists, Architects & Artificial Limbs

In this episode, we find out who Archaeologists are and what their work is, learn about Architects—the designers of magnificient buildings, and find out how the technology of Artificial Limbs has created ease for numerous disabled people!