OCE Episode List B

B: Oxford Children's Encyclopedia Episodes

Expand your general knowledge and understand the ordinary things around with a fantastic twist! Oxford Children’s Encyclopedia (OCE) Series is the brain-child of one of KSS’s Executive Member, Dr. Muhammad Mustafa. This series makes use of Oxford’s Encyclopedia to provide you with quick, factual information about interesting topics. It is a great series for kids and adults alike. OCE sparks interest for simple, everyday topics and helps explore the whats, whys and hows to them. See all alphabets’ episodes here.

Episode 8: Bacteria & Balloons

In this episode, learn about the enormous wonders of  the microscopic living organisms called Bacteria, about how Hot Air Balloons are capable of flying so high, and many more interesting facts and stories!

Episode 9: Bangladesh & Bats

In this episode, Dr Mustafa talks about Bangladesh— a lush green subcontinental country, and Bats— one of the most interesting mammals who can even act as natural radars!

Episode 10: Bears

In this episode, we find out about the different kinds of Bears, their habitats,  characteristics, and many more fascinating facts about these large omnivores!

Episode 11: Beavers

In this episode, gain fascinating information about Beavers. Beavers, a close relative of squirrels, are known for their sharp front teeth and many extraordinary attributes and talents!

Episode 12: Berbers & Black Holes

Watch Dr Mustafa talk about the Berber people— the indigenous people of North America once known for their barbarity, and about Blackholes— one of the most fascinating aspects of astronomy!

Episode 13: Bees

Here, we delve into the fascinating and amazingly disciplined world of the insects called Bees. Prepare to be astounded by their high flying speeds, strong senses, and their significance in our environment! 

Episode 14: Bombs & Botanists

Expand your knowledge regarding the science and history behind Bombs. Also, find out who Botanists are and what their work is!

Episode 15: Bicycle

Ever wondered about the history and features of the human powered vehicle called Bicycle? Watch this video and find out more about them!

Episode 16: Butterflies

In this episode, learn about the colorful and extremely beautiful Butterflies and be blown away by their fascinating metamorphosis life cycle process!

Episode 17: Big Bang & Biologists 

In this episode, find out about the creation and expansion of our universe, the Big Bang, and the wondrous profession of Biologists!