OCE Episode List C

C: Oxford Children's Encyclopedia Episodes

Expand your general knowledge and understand the ordinary things around with a fantastic twist! Oxford Children’s Encyclopedia (OCE) Series is the brain-child of one of KSS’s Executive Member, Dr. Muhammad Mustafa. This series makes use of Oxford’s Encyclopedia to provide you with quick, factual information about interesting topics. It is a great series for kids and adults alike. OCE sparks interest for simple, everyday topics and helps explore the whats, whys and hows to them. See all alphabets’ episodes here.

Episode 18: Cancer

In this episode of Oxford’s Children Encyclopedia, learn about the biology behind the spread of the dangerous disease called Cancer and the present treatment methods used to counter it!

Episode 19: Camels

Learn interesting facts about Camels, the incredibly tall desert animals who can store water in their humps for long periods of time  and do so  much more!

Episode 20: Cells

In this episode, listen to Dr Mustafa talk about Cells: the basic unit of every living organism, the difference in unicellular and multicellular organisms, and the fascinating functions of the many remarkable sub-components of cells! 

Episode 21: Cats

Learn about the beautiful domestic animals called Cats that are one of the most popular pets!

Episode 22: Cement

In this episode, learn about Cement, the stony mass that is widely used in construction as a strong binding material. Find out about its chemical composition, properties, and more!

Episode 23: Chemists

In this episode, find out who Chemists are, what their work is like, the different types of chemists, and much more!

Episode 24: Chocolates

In this episode, learn about yummy Chocolates, their origin, the cocoa beans used to make them, and more!

Episode 25: Coffee

Ever wondered what makes Coffee such an energy boosting drink? Find out more about this beverage, that is a favorite of many!

Episode 26: Coal

Find out about the many wonders of the combustible fossil fuels called Coal, its facts, and uses!

Episode 27: Comets

Learn what are comets, what is so fascinating about this celestial body, what do they look like, can we ever see a comet, and much more in this interesting video by Dr Muhammad Mustafa!

C2 Episode 1: Communication

In the first episode of the second volume of Oxford Children Encyclopedia, learn what exactly is communication, how different animals and even plants interact with each other and convey messages, about the superior communication strategies of a human and its development, and so much more!

C2 Episode 2: Constellation

Ever looked up at the night sky, got fascinated by the many beautiful stars, and wondered how star gazers and astronomers know which stars they are looking at? Watch this episode to find out how groups of stars called constellations that form mesmerizing patterns have been named by scientists and how these patterns are interpreted by different people! 

C2 Episode 3: Copper

In this interesting video, learn about some of the most important properties of copper, the many alloys that can be created from it, how its usage in our lives has changed with time, and what makes copper such a special metal. Dr Mustafa will also tell you about how our world is now moving towards the fascinating super conductors!

C2 Episode 4: Cosmic Rays

In this video, dive in to the captivating and unimaginably immersive field of astronomy. Learn what are cosmic rays, how they were discovered, and  what they result from in the universe!

C2 Episode 5: Cotton

What exactly is the ball of fluff we call cotton? Where does it come from? How are those white balls woven into cloth? And how come it’s so comfortable when you wear it? Found out answers to these questions and more in this episode.