Approaching Calculus with Geogebra and Desmos
A one day workshop for teachers and motivated students to explore calculus in an interactive way!
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Registration: Open to all.
Date: November 27, 2021
Time: 3:00 PM to 5:15 PM
Venue: Online {Zoom}


The focus of this webinar on High School (Grade 8 to 12) Calculus was to grasp the core concepts of the subject using vivid analogies and intuitive online tools, without getting lost in the mechanical definitions and unending algebraic calculations, so you could discover and admire the beauty of calculus itself without distraction, and experience the subject from the core.  

The course was held on 27 November 2021 but no worries, you can catch up on the workshop with the recorded session, as linked below!

This was an intensive 2 hours and 15 minutes session, conducted online through the Zoom platform; intended towards teachers and motivated students seeking to explore calculus concepts in a completely new and refreshing way!

The list of participants who attended the workshop, is available here.

The perfect opportunity to dive in if you want to stay ahead of the curve, and have fun.. 

Details of the Online Workshop

Instructor ProfileThe instructor, Hasan Khan, holds a Master’s Degree in Particle and Nuclear Physics from Finland and has been involved in high school mathematics and physics teaching for over 8 years in Europe (Copenhagen) and in Africa. He is also certified from CERN in teaching physics and from ESA (European Space Agency) in integrating ICT in Physics and Maths education.
• Working knowledge of basic elementary school Algebra, Trigonometry, and Functions are required.
• Access to internet and computer.
• Motivated and curious mind.
• No computer programming experience is needed.
Intended AudienceThe webinar is for high school teachers but highly motivated F.Sc., A-levels, and IB students are more than welcomed to join!
Workshop Agenda1. Making Sense of Mathematics
2. Introduction to Desmos (A Free Application to learn Maths)
3. Limits: Why do we need them?
4. Derivatives: Quantifying the change. Applications.
5. Integration: Area under the curve
6. How come the area under a curve (Integration) is the opposite of slope (derivative)?
7. Gamified learning: Quizizz/Kahoot
8. Feedback
Mode of DeliveryThe session was conducted on Zoom from 03:00 pm to 05:10 pm on 27 November 2021, Saturday.
Certificates Students who completed the workshop were awarded a completion certificate.

List of Participants of Approaching Calculus with GeoGebra and Desmos

Baseer Ayaz
Ghulam Fareed Tumrani
Imran Anwar
Javed Khan
Marzhan Laibekova
Muhammad Imran Abbasi
Muhammad Rafique
Muhammad Zain Khalid
Munawar Ali
Namerah Ali
Naresh Solanki
Rabeea Rasheed
Rabnawaz Mallah
Raza Khan
Shahzad Ali Nasir
Syed Tayyab Iftikhar Sherazi
Timur Gazizov

Resource Persons:
Hasan Khan

Mohsina Asif

Announcement Poster: Calculus Workshop Poster 1 | Poster 2 | Poster 3 | Poster 4