KSS at STEAM Pakistan Award Ceremony

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Date: April 30, 2024
Time: 9:45 AM to 1:00 PM
Venue: Pakistan-China Friendship Center


STEAM Pakistan’s impact in providing opportunities for children in remote areas is indeed remarkable. Starting off, children compete on a regional levels, where triumph takes them to city level, and finally, they acsend to proivincial level. STEAM’s dedication to nurturing talent and providing platforms for competition is truly commendable.


STEAM Pakistan extended an invitation to the Khwarizmi Science Society to conduct a workshop in the realm of teacher training on thier event, STEAM MELA. Needless to say, we seized the opportunity and even requested a spot for our science shows. Who could resist the chance to sprinkle a little scientific magic into such a vibrant atmosphere?


Science Shows


Unfolding phase one of our partnership were the science shows. In just 45 minutes, we delivered three shows covering physics and chemistry! First up was the Liquid Nitrogen show.

Liquid Nitrogen in all it’s mystical glory dazzled the children at first sight. After putting forth a rather humourous script, our demonstrators explained how the wonderous element works, it’s production amd storage. Children gleeed throughout the demonstration as they themselves handled the nitrogen and tried shrinking some balloons in it. We had flowers on the table, and we couldn’t resist dipping them in for fun,their crisp petals afterwards had us all excited and gleeful.









Demonstrators: Ayesha Jamal & Mohsina Asif



Next, we delved further into chemistry, showcasing its dramatic side with the creation of elephant toothpaste. With foam from hydrogen peroxide soaring high in the air, children were eager to try it themselves, following safety instructions as they experimented with the magical reaction.









Demonstrators: Amna Lal Hussain & Mohsina Asif



But we couldn’t forget about physics! With our Van de Graaff generator ready to go, we brought a little static electricity into the mix. Aluminum foil balls bounced in the air as static electricity crackled,  and the brus the children with its mesmerizing display.





Demonstrators: Faizan e Bahoo & Amna Lal Hussain



Work Shop


Transitioning to the workshop, led by Dr Muhammad Mustafa, titled ‘Psycho-biology’, it was divided into 2 session, embedded with activities to make them interactive and engaging.









The first half of the workshop delved into how the brain works and its attention span, relating these ideas to modern teaching methods. Teachers were inspired and stayed after sessions to share their experiences and seek advice from Dr. Mustafa. Tayyab Iftikhar was instrumental in facilitating the activities during this session, providing valuable support.


The second session explored how memory retention varies on auditory, visual, and interactive levels. Teachers were engaged through spoken communication, visuals, and interactive tasks. To add authenticity, data analysis was incorporated at each stage, displaying the effectiveness of the lecture. Ayesha Jamal, supported by the team, did an exceptional job of presenting the promised lecture content through insightful data analysis.








As the day came to an end, we moved to an informal activity session, set outside in the bustling corridor. Amidst laughter and excitement, math games and microscopes became the tools of our little science activists.




Heartfelt gratitude goes out to our volunteers Muhammad Ayyaz, Ayesha Ayyaz, Hijab Zehra, and Faizan for their invaluable contributions to every activity. It’s the collective effort of these dedicated individuals that truly makes the big show possible.


Here are some snippets of our sessions all together!