Session 1: LCWU and British Council STEM Training Series
The first of the three planned trainings by KSS under the British Council STEM project at LCWU

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Date: March 15, 2022
Venue: Lahore College For Women's University


The first of the three planned training by KSS under the British Council STEM project at LCWU was a huge success!

These sessions, tailored to the specific departments of science, ensured that faculty members and future teachers learned new ways they could adopt to instil the wonder of science and engineering in the youth of Pakistan.

Dr Sabieh Anwar’s sessions—filled with mesmerising demonstrations and immersive, hands-on activities—introduced participants to teaching the epistemology of science through experiments and thought-provoking tools and experiments to enliven their classrooms. Mohsina Asif’s session shed light on communicating science beyond classrooms.

Participants commented on how the sessions had buttressed their skills and would be a significant guide for them in the future. We thank ORIC and LCWU for such a commendable initiative and are so eager to do more of such activities in this project and beyond!

This whole day training session was attended by 55+ existing and future faculty members belonging to a number of engineering departments in LCWU and its affiliated universities and colleges.

Resource Persons:
Dr Sabieh Anwar

Ms. Mohsina Asif

Supplementary Documents: Summary-LCWU 15 March Session by Dr Sabieh Anwar

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