Shakargarh Science Mela 2022

Sponsors and Collaborators:


Registration: Open to all.
Date: March 24, 2022 March 25, 2022
Time: 8:00 AM PKT to 3:00 PM PKT
Venue: Government High School Bua


This event was a part of the project “Outreach and Learning With Cosmic Ray Muons, Augmented Reality And astrophysics Laboratory Experiments”, led by Khwarizmi Science Society and LUMS and funded by National Center of GIS & Space Applications (NCGSA) and HEC. 

There are very few things in life that fill you up with such joy that you never want the experience to end. One such event in our life was the Shakargarh Science Mela. Seeing a child’s world expand with a smile that brightens their face is one of the things that our team loved about the Mela.

Khwarizmi Science Society organized a one-of-a-kind event in the heart of Shakargarh: Bua. Equipped with the CERN’s LHC interactive tunnel model, KSS not only introduced particle physics to the people of this village for the first time but also gave them an insight into Astronomy and the wonders of space using a telescope.

Students of all age groups visited the Mela including their parents, the faculty and the locals as well. They were all left awestruck with wonder as they watched the light flow across the room; protons colliding and forming new particles as the Tunnel worked its magic. One cannot see the sun with the naked eye but it was entirely possible with a Hydrogen-Alpha telescope.

The Shakargarh Mela is just a little teaser of our #LSM22 on 29-30 October!

Resource Persons:
Dr. Sabieh Anwar
General Secretary, KSS

Dr Muhammad Arshad

Ms. Mohsina Asif
Science Communicator, KSS

Syed Muneed Ali
Lead Demonstrator, LHC Tunnel

Supplementary Documents: News Coverage Clipping Urdu | News Coverage Clipping Urdu Final Event Report [PDF] |