Liquid Nitrogen Show at Aangun Centre of Learning

Registration: Registration is required.
Date: June 6, 2024
Time: 9:45 AM - 11:00 AM
Venue: Aangun Centre of Learning


On June 6th, 2024, Aangun-Centre of Learning became a hub of scientific excitement as the Khwarizmi Science Society hosted a remarkable Liquid Nitrogen Show. This event captivated attendees with a series of engaging demonstrations, showcasing the unique properties and behaviours of materials at the extremely low temperature of -196°C.

The event began with a presentation by our demonstrator Ayesha, who introduced the audience to fundamental concepts related to temperature. This session provided the necessary background to understand the extreme conditions required to create and handle liquid nitrogen, ensuring that everyone was well-prepared for the upcoming experiments.



The demonstrator continued with a hands-on experiment that demonstrated thermal contraction using balloons. When the balloons were immersed in liquid nitrogen, they shrank significantly, showing the reduction in volume that occurs when gases are cooled to such low temperatures. This interactive experiment engaged both children and adults, clearly showing the basic principles of gas laws in an accessible and memorable way.


In a visually striking demonstration, Ayesha dipped flowers and leaves into liquid nitrogen. The audience watched in amazement as the once soft and flexible plant materials became brittle and shattered like glass upon impact. This experiment showed the effect of extreme cold on organic matter, making the science both tangible and unforgettable.

Our demonstrator Ayyaz joined Ayesha to demonstrate the condensation of oxygen on a cone filled with liquid nitrogen. As the cone cooled, the surrounding air’s oxygen condensed into a pale blue liquid on the cone’s surface. This experiment highlighted the varying boiling points of atmospheric gases and illustrated phase transitions, providing a clear and fascinating visual example of these scientific principles.


The demonstrators then conducted an experiment where they lit a filament submerged in liquid nitrogen. This demonstration showed the unique electrical and thermal properties of materials at extremely low temperatures, offering the audience a glimpse into the practical applications and challenges of working with such cold environments.


In the final demonstration, the demonstrators examined the effect of liquid nitrogen on the wavelength of an LED light. By observing the shift in colour, they showed how temperature affects the physical properties of light-emitting diodes, connecting the experiment to broader concepts in physics and material science.



Through these well-planned demonstrations, the Khwarizmi Science Society showcased the wonders of liquid nitrogen. The event not only entertained but also educated attendees, encouraging a deeper appreciation for the principles of physics and chemistry. The hands-on activities, particularly those involving children, emphasised the Society’s commitment to interactive and engaging science education, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.