Planetarium (Khalai Kachwa) at Crescent Model Higher Secondary School, Girls Campus

Registration: Registration is required.
Date: May 20, 2024 May 24, 2024
Time: 8:30 AM - 2:00 PM
Venue: Crescent Model Higher Secondary School, Girls Campus


Khwarizmi Science Society had the opportunity to set up their planetarium “Khalai Kachwa” at the Girls Campus of Crescent Model Higher Secondary School in Shadman, Lahore. The planetarium offered a captivating experience for the students, igniting a deep interest in astronomy and providing a unique, hands-on learning environment.

The school’s planetarium setup was an awe-inspiring sight. Housed within a large, dome-shaped orange structure, the planetarium featured advanced projection technology that brought the cosmos to life. As students entered the darkened room, the ceiling transformed into a stunning night sky. Stars twinkled, planets revolved, and constellations appeared with remarkable clarity, making the students feel as though they were journeying through space.

Teachers guided students from different classes through a series of space-themed adventures. They wandered around space, landed on Mars, launched rockets, and even met astronauts. This immersive experience not only sparked a profound interest in astronomy among the students but also provided a unique, hands-on learning environment that textbooks simply couldn’t match.











The highlight of the planetarium was the interactive shows, tailored to different age groups and educational levels. Younger students were enchanted by tales of mythical figures and their celestial counterparts, while older students explored the complexities of astrophysics and space exploration. The interactive control panel allowed students to explore different sections of the sky, zoom in on distant galaxies, and simulate space missions.

More than 900 students participated in the activity, and even teachers were amazed and enjoyed the planetarium along with the children. The overwhelmingly positive reviews from students, including a cute sticky note of encouragement, testified to the success of the experience. This innovative setup transformed the school into a hub of astronomical education, inspiring students to look up at the night sky with curiosity and ambition.



Through these sessions, the Khwarizmi Science Society provided an educational and engaging experience for the students. The planetarium not only taught them about the wonders of the universe but also encouraged them to think creatively and scientifically. The hands-on activities and interactive shows fostered a fun and interactive learning environment, leaving a lasting impression on the young participants and igniting their passion for astronomy.