KSS at Park Turk- Eid For Gaza

Date: April 20, 2024
Time: 4:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Venue: Pakturk Maarif International School & Colleges Asifa Irfan Girls Campus


On 20th April, Khwarizmi Scienci Society geared up for yet another science venture. Amidst a ground brimming with Eid festivities, there was a sense of solidarity with Gaza as the event, Eid For Gaza, unfolded. A set of three tables awaited our demonstrators to setup their equipment and entrance the audience like everytime.








First on the agenda was the Liquid Nitrogen Show. It’s mystical aura never ceases to captivate the audience. With the cold flames, smiles of wonder spread, our demonstrators drew enthusiastic reactions, sharing the marvels of liquid nitrogen and how it’s made.



Yausoob Latif, Mohsina Asif and Ayesha Jamal made a great team, leaving us all in awe of their icy expertise!




Then we delved into the micro world of with our Microscopy Show. Is there ever enough of seeing the minuscule? From bee heads to mouse kidneys, dragonfly wings to the tiniest details of everyday objects, audeince was enthralled. Young explorers brought forth their own curiosities;  ants, hair, grass.








Witnessing their wonder as they realized the intricacies of the world around them, from the tiny hair on a housefly to the intimidating beauty of a butterfly up close, or the surprisingly fierce teeth of ants, was truly heartwarming. Their smiles and excitement are what make these moments unforgettable!



We extend our heartfelt thanks to our microscopy demonstrators, Raima Salman, Abeera Shahid and Saad Aziz who unveiled the wonders of the microscopic world.




Next up we had our chemistry station where elephant toothpaste bounced in the air and fumes escaped from bottles like genies granting wishes! Everyone on the station became a chemist when our team put the saftey on them and asked them to conduct experiments. It was a hands-on journey through the world of chemistry, where every participant discovered the joy of experimentation.








While the flame tests popped vibrant rainbow of colors, the demonstration of sodium reacting with water revealed a fiery side to chemistry too. Hearts racing, our participants witnessed  flames dancing atop the water’s surface, a reminder of the dynamic and sometimes unpredictable nature of chemical reactions.



We extend our deepest appreciation to our chemistry demonstrators, Maneeha Ajmal and Muhammad Abdullah whose enthusiasm catalyzed a love for the magic of chemistry.





When the stall space ended, our on -floor demonstration begun. We brought our Domino Blocks, where the intricate art of chain reactions unfolded before many eyes. Dr Ameeq in lead, showed audience mesmerizing patterns of the domino which started with a mere wiff.  It truely reminded us that even the simplest of actions can lead to breathtaking displays of ingenuity!




Next up we had our night moon observation session! Yausoob Latif and Sir Abu Bakar were set in the later hours of the day, with the moon still visible in the daylight. It was indeed a tranquil sight to see. A lot of their time was spent the answering the curious little minds why the moon was visible in the daytime.



When night fell, it was Hira’s turn to take over. The moon in all it’s might took center stage. Hira’s deep understanding of how the telescope works prompted numerous children to eagerly request their parents for a telescope of their own.



Admist of everything, Dr Mustafa and Muhammad Ayyaz were quite the jack of all experiments, demonstrating their versatility and tireless dedication to every experiment. With their energy and enthusiasm, they undoubtedly, emerged as the backbone of the event.





Kudos to the entire team! Your boundless energy and efforts keep us going!