Curiosity-awakening Science Activities

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Date: July 20, 2023 August 2, 2023
Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Venue: Lahore Museum


Khwarizmi Science society ended yet another milestone, strengthening our society’s mission if spreading science and this time, it was our younger scientist that got the chance to not only learn but to practice entire regimes all by themselves.

Microscopy Show
                           📅 20th July, 2023                                                                                       👩‍🏫 Abeer Asif  


Immersed in a world of microscopic marvels, kids embarked on a thrilling educational journey. Through engaging screenplays, they explored unseen cellular landscapes and embraced hands-on activities with microscopes, unravelling the secrets of artefacts, geological samples, and natural history treasures. Their inquisitiveness led them to analyse historical objects, using microscopy to illuminate materials, construction, and preservation needs, breathing fresh life into the past while igniting a passion for scientific discovery.


Islamic/Sacred Geometry Designs
                 📅 24th and 25th July, 2023                                                                                👨‍🏫 Hezbar Ahmad


In an inspiring journey, children explored Islamic geometry’s historical significance, uncovering mathematical principles behind intricate designs. They learned techniques for crafting patterns using compasses and rulers, drawing tessellations, overlapping circles, and hexagons with symmetrical precision. Immersed in Lahore’s cultural heritage, they connected artistry to Islamic traditions. As they immersed themselves in the creative process, the interplay of angles came alive, crafting a captivating narrative of exploration, learning, and artistic expression that will undoubtedly leave a lasting imprint on their young hearts and minds.


Recreating Al-Jazari’s ingenious devices
           📅 26th and 27th July, 2023                                                                                  👨‍🏫 Muhammad Umar Hasan



In an inspiring educational experience, children delved into the world of Al-Jazari’s ingenious devices. They explored the historical and technological aspects, comprehended automata and robot design, and unraveled the engineering principles behind these creations. Through hands-on sessions, they recreated Al-Jazari’s remarkable inventions. Day 1 was making Heron’s Fountain, followed by Manjaneeq making on day 2. Guided by Kitab al Hiyal (Book of Ingenious Devices), they built interconnected systems, crafting motors, cams, gears, and skillfully conjoining components.


3D Printing 
                  📅 31st July and 1st Aug, 2023                                                           👨‍🏫Muhammad Umar Hasan


Children were then introduced to Markhor 3D printers. They sketched and crafted 3D models, both by creating their own designs and exploring open source models online. The young participants learned slicing, calibrating, and operating the printers at a rapid 50mm/s speed.Full creative freedom was extended to the children for their projects, yielding amazing models such as ludo boards, lions, Pakistan, and a variety of other creations. A key highlight was understanding how 3D printing can faithfully recreate and preserve historical museum treasures. Through hands-on experience, the children became adept at capturing accurate 3D representations, blending creativity with technology together.


Solar Observation
                            📅 2nd August, 2023                                                                    👨‍🏫  Roshan Nadeem


The children were presented with a magnificent opportunity to observe the sun, which stood as the largest entity within our solar system, in all its celestial splendor. As they gazed through specialized viewing equipment, the students could discern solar spots scattered across the sun’s surface, identifiable by their darker and cooler characteristics.This experience allowed the young minds to gain a profound understanding of the sun’s layered atmosphere, including the enigmatic solar corona that encircled its radiant core.




Laser Show
                                   📅 2nd August, 2023                                                               👩‍🏫 Wardah Mahmood 


During the activity, children delved into the world of lasers, optics, and rays, tracing their origins to the pioneering works of Ibn Sahl and Ibn al Haytham. Through captivating demonstrations, they witnessed the mesmerizing effects of dispersion, diffraction, and refraction. With lasers, they created intricate patterns that illuminated the marvels of light manipulation. This hands-on experience kindled their curiosity and left them with a deeper appreciation for the scientific wonders that shape our modern understanding of optics.



As the final curtain falls on our enriching two-week workshop, we celebrate the journey through lasers, tools, printers, microscopes and telescopes. We’ve marveled at the wonders of 3D printing, mesmerizing microscopy displays, solar observations, and intricate pattern learning, our gratitude extends to all contributors who kindled the flame of curiosity, igniting a passion for science in our young participants. A special note of gratitude to our devoted volunteers, Syed Shayyan Haider, Ismail Shahzad, Kinza Batool, Faiqa, Haleema, Fatima, and Abdul Rehman, for their unwavering support during the demonstrations. With gratitude to all involved, we look ahead, hopeful that this experience will spark a lifelong pursuit of knowledge and discovery.

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Supplementary Documents: Proposal-KSS x Lahore Musuem