Calling Event Managers for Lahore Science Mela 2023 – Join Us in Celebrating Science!

Are you an event management company looking for an exciting opportunity to showcase your skills? Look no further! Khwarizmi Science Society is searching for dedicated Event Planners to help us execute Pakistan’s biggest science festival, Lahore Science Mela, a two days event that will captivate and educate thousands of visitors. 

Ready to take the challenge? This is the perfect chance for you.

Event Overview:

Lahore Science Mela is the annual flag-ship event of Khwarizmi Science Society focused on making Science Accessible to Everyone! 

This October we are bringing the Fifth edition of the Lahore Science Mela (LSM). The details for LSM 2023 are as follows:

  • Date:  28th and 29th October 2023 
  • Time: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Venue: Crescent Model Higher Secondary School, Shadman, Lahore (Boys Campus). 
  • Expected Footfall: More than 70,000 in Two Days.

Logistics Involved:

We aim to ensure a seamless and impactful experience for all visitors and participants equally. Requirements are as follows:

Pre-Event Planning:

  • Designing Floor Plan: Efficient use of available outdoor and indoor spaces 
  • Pavilions/Arenas: Mapping out spaces for all exhibits including:
    1. KSS Exploratorium (Housing more than 100 experiments and demonstrations); LHC Tunnel and LIT-DISCO; Planetarium; Dark Rooms Area
    2. Exhibitor Stalls: Placement of 150 to 160 exhibitor stalls 
    3. Sitting Arena: Measuring ≈ 120 by 60 ft
    4. Food Arena: Measuring ≈ 45 by 45 ft
  • Auditoriums Management
  • Traffic and Parking plan: Mapping out efficient use of available space outside the venue for parking and smooth traffic flow; Designated Entrance and Exit Points of Visitors, Transportation of Exhibitor stalls and equipment to venue before event.
  • Reception: Reception Area for KSS Team; Help Desks

Event Furnishings:

  1. Tenting: Large Tents (Qannat) for respective areas.
  2. Walkway Carpets as per requirement
  3. Canopies spanning 150 by 60 ft for KSS Exploratorium.
  4. Dark Rooms Space: 30 by 30 ft light proof black tents for specific science displays.
  5. Gazebos and Tents: For 150 to 160 Exhibitor stalls (differently sized as per requirement).
  6. Furniture: Arranging tables and chairs with covers for over 150 exhibitors. 
  7. Sofa Setup: Arranging sitting area with a 3-in-1 sofa setup (as per requirement)


  1. Tea and Sitting Arrangements: For Delegates and Media Personnel (Inside a designated room at the venue)

Food Arena:

  1. On-boarding Vendors: Food Stalls for Public
  2. Tents: Arranging tents and space for vendors as per requirement

Sanitary and Cleanliness:

  1. Sanitary Staff: Designating Personnel to ensure venue cleanliness throughout the event
  2. Waste Disposal Plan: Curating effective waste disposal plan during and post-event 

Enhancing Ambiance:

  1. Promotional Material Printing: Pre-Event; Quality Printing of Flexes, Designs, Venue Guide Maps, Signages and other material as per requirement
  2. Decoration: Designated display of Flexes, Signages and other Promotional material (Prioritise Enhancing ambience and simplifying navigation for the visitors).
  3. Ventilation Plan: AC units (4 tonnes), both standing and central; Fans (Designated areas as per requirement)

Technical Support:

  1. Robust sound system: Designated areas in KSS Exploratorium, Auditoriums and other arenas as per requirement 
  2. Electricity: Efficient Wiring, Cable connections throughout the Arenas (No Cable Nets on pathways)
  3. Wifi and Transmitters: Designated placement of Wifi Devices for Public Usage; Radio/Walkie-Talkies for Team; Loud Speakers for Announcements
  4. Projectors and LEDs: Arranging Projectors for indoor spaces and LEDs for outdoor stalls as required by the exhibitors.


  1. Event Day Support: Designated Placement of Team members for Logistics Support. 

Eligibility and Benefits:

  1. Your company should be registered (being an Income Tax Filer or have a valid tax exemption certificate) with a track record of successful event management.
  2. Efficient problem solvers; Adaptable to challenges; Promising high-quality results.

Application Process:

Please submit following supporting documents to the Lahore Science Mela organising team at

  1. Your company’s portfolio, showcasing your experience in event management.
  2. An expression of interest, detailing your enthusiasm and approach to managing the specified logistics.
  3. Include a quotation for your services.
  4. Submission Deadline: 5th September 2023


Let’s collaborate to make this science exhibition a resounding success! 

For queries, you may contact: +92 321 4029380

Supplementary Documents:
Event Manager LSM23 Advertisement Flyer