Lahore Science Mela 23 will feature “Scienci Baithak”

Prepare to be enthralled once more as the Lahore Science Mela 2023 unveils its latest gem: “Science Baithak,” also known as “ سائنس کا بُرگد “. Inspired by the age-old tradition of seekers gathering beneath towering Banyan trees for extended discussions, this concept injects fresh vitality into the exchange of ideas.

This section of the mela will serve as a hub of science, where knowledge flows, open dialogues flourish, and the thirst for understanding is finally unquenched. The Baithak promises to be a melting pot of scientific enthusiasts and the curious public alike. Here, theories will bounce, general discussions will spark, and who knows, perhaps we’ll even discover research treasures, revealing scientists we’ve never encountered before.

Our aim is to captivate minds, from seasoned experts to the eager novices, recognizing that the pursuit of knowledge is an endless journey, and everyone possesses something to contribute. So, join us, as we eagerly await your arrival at this intellectual gathering, where the doors of learning are always wide open. 

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Supplementary Documents:
Form for joining as a science expert at Science Ka Burgad / Scienci Baithak
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