KSS Partners with Discover Pakistan – Our Exclusive Media Partner

This exhilarating journey beginning from an array of telescopes pointed at the sun, takes you all the way through the wonders of KSS Exploratorium featuring 3D printers, molecular structures, snake pendulums, and lasers. Next up there are school projects, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) and CERN’s LHC Interactive Tunnel as well concluding with arguably one of the mela’s most popular spots, the Food Arena. Steaming hot BBQ, chilled lemonade and snacks gave us all a mouthwatering sight.

With the sound of drones in the air, robo arms on the ground, journalist Amin Hafeez of Discover Pakistan comprehensively reported on the diversity of exhibits and attendees at the mela and contributed greatly to the gusto of LSM ’22 imprinting its legacy in a collective memory.