MOU signed with Chughtai Public Library

Khwarizmi Science Society (KSS) collaborated with Chughtai Public Library aiming to enrich the community with monthly science shows and workshops, catering to enthusiasts of all ages.

Both parties have committed to organizing engaging science activities on a regular basis, leveraging the resources and facilities offered by Chughtai Public Library. These activities will serve as a platform for exploration and experimentation, fostering a culture of innovation and discovery within the community.

The monthly science shows and workshops will cover a diverse range of topics, from basic scientific principles to cutting-edge technologies, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy and learn from. Moreover, these activities will be designed to be accessible and budget-friendly, making them inclusive to all members of the community. Both Chughtai Public Library and KSS are excited about the potential impact of this collaboration and look forward to inspiring a new generation of scientists, engineers, and innovators.