KSS partners with ATLAS experiment at CERN

The Particle Physics Coloring Book in Urdu, with the collaboration of CERN and Khwarizmi Science Society, in the far reaches of Balochistan and Sindh, Pakistan with the help of Takmil School!

These school students of the TAKMIL Foundation who also attended the recently held Lahore Science Mela 2022 will get an insight into the subject of particle physics and the ATLAS Experiment at CERN. The best part, these are completely translated into Urdu!

KSS helped develop, print, and disseminate these two Coloring Books on Particle Physics in Urdu. These books on the particles of the universe and the ATLAS experiment were designed and written by CERN and translated in Urdu by three Pakistani students: Dania Anjum, Syeda Amina and Hamza Hanif. These books aim at sparking an interest of science among primary school students (up to Class V) through the enjoyable exercises of coloring and storytelling.

KSS, by the means of such activities, intends to familiarize the students and teachers of Pakistan with some of the most thought-provoking physics concepts and the latest technological advancements in the world. We also aim at providing an equal opportunity to all budding scientists across Pakistan of benefitting from some of the world’s most valuable educational content. We hope these Urdu coloring books prove an effective endeavorto inspire and educate young students about particle physics.

KSS has distributed almost 400 books to the The Trust School, the Little Stars Orphanage in Vehari, and Takmil School branches in Muzafargarh, Balochistan, and Sindh along with the Zaawiya Trust School.

Supplementary Documents:
ATLAS Experiment Urdu Colouring Book [PDF]
Particles of the Universe Urdu Colouring Book [PDF]

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